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Howth House Development

Residential, Retail & Office: 

Planning permission had been granted on the site,  despite vociferous local objections, for a terraced development involving the demolition of Howth House which had been built in 1817 for the harbour engineer.  The demolition of Howth House continued to be strenuously opposed by the local community

McMullan & Co. were engaged to re-evaluate the planning and development as the site had been put on the market. Arising from this, a new planning application was lodged and subsequently granted which involved the retention of Howth House. In addition, the new permission almost doubled the number of residential units and increased the commercial space by a similar amount. The development was centred around a central plaza which incorporated a sculpture commemorating the Howth 17 sailing boat designed in 1898 by Sir Walter Boyd who resided in Howth House.

The development involved considerable under-pinning and contiguous piling adjacent to the national monument, St Mary’s Abbey, on the south west boundary of the site.  Archaeological structures and artefacts predating the Abbey were discovered and recorded prior to the structures being protected and built over.

In addition to developing the new concept and obtaining planning permission, McMullan&Co. directly provided most of the professional services required including managing marketing and sales.